Activities award for Marking Period 1

Many congratualitions to Yida and Rayaan for winning the Leman 2 award for activities participation this evening. These two boys will partake in a range of activities every weekend without fail. Their effort and sportsmanship is second to none and we greatly admire their commitment to these activities. Through this, they promote a healthy lifestyle to all and set a great example to the other boys in the House.

Boarding Life Awards Marking Period 1

Many congratulations to both Taichi and Amirhossein for winning the Leman 2 Boarding Life Award for Marking Period 1 this evening.

This award was given to these two boys for embracing boarding life and their fantastic contribution to out Boarding House. Their spirit, attitude and principles toward the Boarding community are exactly what we like to see from our students and they set a fantastic example to the other students in the house.

Thank you boys, and well done.

Boarding Chess Tournament

This week’s instalment of the first annual Chess Tournament was hosted in the Leman 2 Boarding House this evening.

Congratulations to all involved in tonight’s semi final, especially Leman 2’s very own Rayaan and Aryavir.

Aryavir will be representing us in next weeks Grand Finale. Good luck to all.

Escalade Run

Not many boarders decided to face the cold rain of December to participate in the Escalade Run, a traditional feature of the Geneva area which gathers thousands of people every year. Leman 2 is proud of John and Iman who did a great job and showed a fantastic sports spirit and had a great time despite the adversities of the weather. They represented well our CDL- Boarding Team with some other boys from our community so a big well done to all 🙂