Our Well-Being topic for the next weeks will be Building Positive Relationships.

What is friendship?

How do you become friends with another person?

What do we need from our friends?

How do you act when you are introduced to someone new?

What is unique about CDL and the friendships you can make?


In all fairness, it was a very pleasant session. The boys spoke from their hearts and they acknowledged how important their friends are to them. A friend is someone we trust ( this word came out as the main asset in a friendship ), we can rely on, we share things with and we care about.

In terms of social skills, we discussed how these help understanding other people and what an important tool those are in for their lives.

The international feature of CDL is highly appreciated, it creates global links that can last a lifetime. It was nice to see the boys speaking about such an important element of our lives and in the end, we all agreed that we all need each other 🙂

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