Safe and Responsible choices

It is always a subject that opens a lot of debate and we are glad we are now discussing this in our Well Being periods.

Today, we have brainstormed on 4 main concerns:

1- What is a safe and responsible choice?

2-Do we always make the best choices?

3-What if we don’t?

4-What stops us from making them?

As usual, a nice little debate and exchange took place and it was interesting to see the word “pressure” being mentioned by many of the older boys… we also heard “laziness”, “consequences”, “prevention” and “regret”.

We were curious to see how the older ones tend to relate immediately with their own experiences, as they project themselves into adulthood. We are positive this topic is possibly one of the most exciting ones we are going to have as there are lots of room for reflexion and exchange.

More to come, next week 😉

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