Chess and Fair Play


Ethics and courtesy are at the heart of Léman Boarding House so even before a Chess game, greetings and Fair Play are the key 🙂

The match started with a traditional opening from the whites who quickly made an impression against the opponent who, in his turn tried to defend its positions as effectively as possible. Little by little the match became more balanced with the blacks using a more aggressive pressing at the centre of the chessboard whilst using the flanks to pierce through the enemy’s lines with a well-thought combination of swift but surprising moves.

The whites, quickly resented the physical efforts of the intimidating opening and were caught distracted and unprotected in the person of their King who ended up surrendering to the black army to great despair of his Queen, helpless to come to rescue her beloved one.

In the end, the blacks celebrated victory but not for long as a revenge battle was promised for the days to come.

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