How Sleep affects your brain

This little video introduced our Wellbeing session today and served as a reminder of something we all know but don’t always respect.

Sleeping is definitely one of most important functions of our body and it plays a key role in the regulation of all the other system.

Lack of sleep provokes an unhealthy balance which can have visible effects in a short and long term. Obviously one bad night of sleep is not enough to hugely disrupt our “machine” but several nights, in a row, without proper recovery can lead to several health problems and a dramatic lack of energy.

Hand in hand with it we also used our session to introduce our Boarding Counselling team who challenged us to try a few minutes of very simple meditation. The aim was simply to allow us to relax and it is visible that some took the challenge seriously while those in the back row, were quickly overwhelmed by the benefits of meditation and the help it provides to fall asleep… (everything is related 🙂 )

All in all a curious experience for some and we will surely continue to work on this in future sessions.

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