Summer, sun, fun and relax. End of year message to our students.

Well… this is it. We have reached the end of the school year.

Léman 2 is nearly empty and many of you are on the way to your countries and holiday destinations.

It is now time to recharge batteries, see the family, friends and discover places, people and things about yourself that you probably you didn’t know you have. As you think about it, would you know that you would develop such strength this year in order to fight the worries, concerns and fears caused by the pandemic?

That is growing up. That is evolving and take ownership of your life. Maybe not all of it yet, but you are definitely on track to adulthood. You are learning …


And learning will never stop. One day you will look back at this year and find how much you have appreciated some of things that happened.

Dear students and dear family and friends of Léman 2, we wish you a wonderful holiday.

Tomasino and Antonio

Stay Safe topic – Sexual Consent

For the final Stay Safe topic of the year we have addressed one of the most delicate subjects… Sexual Consent.

More than the complexity of the topic, is the consequences and what it entails that are worth thinking about. Sooner or later we will all be facing a situation where this concept will be present and the fact of making or not the right decision, clearly depends on the honesty and transparency that the situation is dealt with.

Like a cup of tea…

2021 Graduates

Dear Léman 2 Graduates,

Congratulation and well done for getting your first degree! A bitter sweet moment in the lives of a new generation ready to start their new adventures with full steam ahead!

We are proud of you, and wish you only the best in your future adventures!

Keep in touch 🙂

The way to happiness

The key to happiness is simplicity.

At least that’s what the boys seem to think.

We have talked about the balance between immediate and long term satisfaction. Whilst immediate satisfaction focuses on the moment and is definitely important to make our present lives meaningful, long term satisfaction grasps a deeper meaning and engages us in a long term project of building the foundations of our future happiness.

It takes commitment and sometimes the sacrifice of our immediate wishes and instincts. So while a part of us focuses on a “carpe diem” mentality, the other should work on the things that will drive us to a happy stable future.

Another topic was: the sense of happiness can’t exist without the knowledge of what sadness is. Happiness and sadness are two sides of a coin as one can’t be without the other. Anyone who hasn’t experience sadness will never appreciate joy when he feels it. One can debate if a human being can live and be happy without feeling sad… however, most likely this has never happened.

And as you can see in the video below, for all the boys, happiness is not a difficult thing.


More Volleyball!

Another great game was played today between New Portena and Léman. Although Léman won, the Ladies from NP put up a great fight as the match was won only in the 3rd set, making it very close.
Well played to both teams!! 🙂

36000 steps

Anuar, had a quiet day. He woke up early, went running to Geneva and back and returned for 9.30 for some breakfast. After lunch he went to town after having ran over 20kms and counted over 36000 steps.

He is taking it easy and saving energies for his exams 🙂