Summer is here

… in a very strange way we got to the last day of school.

Strange feeling as it doesn’t feel like the other last days of school. We are going through strange times but as the sun is high up in the skies so is our hope and commitment to make more and better for our students next school year.

It is now time to rest and reload batteries, for everyone. We have all been through so much in the past months. And these past weeks have not been a rest for anyone… but we made it and in August we will be here with a smile in our faces ready to welcome all of our students.

Enjoy, be happy, live, be careful and keep safe.

Wash your hands, keep social distancing and do something nice for another person every day:)

First arrival – Anuar

A huge welcome back to Anuar who has now returned to our Boarding House and will be staying with us for the coming weeks. It is really incredible to have some students back in the House and we are delighted to see them again.

Despite this troubled moment, the joy of being together is still there as you can see by Anuar’s smile.

So great to see friendly faces again… 🙂

Active boys and healthy minds

As indicated in previous posts we have challenged the boys to stay active and fit busy during the break. We have already seen some images of some of them studying and others exercising.


We are joining now a few more captions of things they have done!

1- Iman wants to keep fit so he exercised a lot during the break. The video below shows him “playing” with the rope 🙂

2 – Nikita keep up working out and has developped some more muscles.

3 Masanobu loves football but instead he took time to walk his dogs out. Important to notice that he took the time to wear a mask as a prevention gesture against the Covid19 virus


4 – Finally we are sharing John’s project and work in his garden. John took things from the scratch and did a great job in preparing his garden this year. Great crops ahead we think 🙂 Well done to the boys for being so active and energetic.

Challenge for the Holidays

Please find a picture below, sent in to us by our very own Kotaro. He has learnt a new skill and has spent some of his time going fishing.

This is great and it has given us idea about a challenge we would like to set for our students for the holidays. We would like all of our students to take a picture of themselves and send it to us. The picture needs to show them spending their time in a positive way. Some ideas include; reading a book in their house or another interesting place, taking part in some sort of sport or exercise, learning a new skill. We look forward to seeing what they come back with.

Have a nice break.