Building a Bond through Sport

Ghassan and Mark keeping warm inside the gym in these snowy times..

Last week we have started Pillar 3 of our Wellbeing Programme, which is about “building positive friendships”. One of the aspects of building friendships is having something in common. Whether it is a language, origins, beliefs, or interests, sharing an activity like Basketball is always a good idea to start!

Keep hitting those baskets guys…


The power of friendship – Pillar 3

We have now officially introduced our Pillar 3 on Making Positive Friendships.

Friendships are one of the most important elements of our lives. We are social beings and despite differences between us we can all agree that we need people around us to be fulfilled in our nature.

In Boarding this is even more emphasized. By being away from the family, the students are led to create strong bonds to lay the foundations of their “Boarding Family”. Peers, roommates, colleagues become like brothers, confidents, close friends… in some cases, inseparable for life. The nature of this connection is then authentic, genuine and forged by the circumstances and the kinship that the setting enhances.

These types of bonds are created by the capacity of listening and understanding each other. That’s how we find points of agreement or common interest. However it’s a process that takes time. Real friendships are not always easy to find and need to resist to the abrasive effect of arguments, disagreements and even time. If they resist to these elements, if they are capable of reinventing themselves through changes, maturity and distance… most likely they are real.




Welcome to 2021

Hope is in our hearts and it’s full of hope that we are opening our Houses again and are ready to welcome back our favourite boys.

We believe this new year will bring us that peace of mind we missed in 2020. And we will able to enjoy some of the things we were denied … and hug the ones we love, and our friends.

Welcome back to all the Léman 2 family. We are sure this will be a very good year 🙂


The Escalade is a traditional celebration in the Geneva area and it has roots 4 centuries ago in one of the most conflictual periods in the history of the city.

This event is still extremely present in the city and it’s something that the Geneva people are quite attached to for its historical meaning.

Part of the tradition is to smash a chocolate cauldron, decorated with the coat of arms of the city and we had our Swiss on duty, Philip doing the honours 🙂

Boarding Awards Medals

We had a different House Meeting today.

We celebrated the achievements of our representatives in the Boarding Awards.

We started by presenting the medals to Rayaan and Aryavir for their performance in the Boarding Activities.

Immediately after we congratulated Aryan and Ghassan for the Boarding Life Award

Since he has enjoyed it so much, Ghassan came back for another medal, for his outstanding GPA in the Terminale Bac 17.9

He was visibly proud of his two medals… fully deserved ones.


A huge well done for everyone and more awards will come in the future. Keep working hard and you might be “on stage” next time.