A Piece of Cake

Léman 2 was presented with a new challenge for the next House Competition. To bake a cake…
The amazing chef, baker, and House Captain Amirhossein took on yet again the role of leader and baked a cake worthy of a praise and a prize. After an exhausting 8 hours of mastery, the Léman 2 team made it to the competition with our heads held high.
We are very proud of you Amirhossein and the people who helped even just a little bit 😉

It tasted just as good as it looked… luckily we burnt some calories playing badminton yesterday…

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Friday Badminton Routine

Friday night seems to be the perfect time to play badminton. The Léman 2 crew is at it again, even staying 30 extra minutes to finish their matches. It is good to see the boys staying active and fit as winter is slowly creeping in… and our cake baking competition is just around the corner 🙂

Badminton Club

Friday nights have a new appeal to our Boarders. Badminton has always been an exciting game and fun activity and since the days are shorter, the nights are cooler and we are minimising our outings due to Covid, Aryavir, Oscar and Mark went for some exercise…

In badminton we can keep social distancing but Aryavir thought it would be better to be double safe for the photo 🙂

Welcome Mark

Our latest addition to our wonderful family is Mark, just arrived from Lebanon. Mark had been attending VSE before but he felt the first thing to do was start doing homework. After he finished it, he had dinner with his new friends.
We are happy to have you with us Mark and wish you a wonderful experience 🙂

CDL Boarding Spirit Week

This past week we celebrated ‘Spirit’ from our school motto and each section of the school did a project to demonstrate their Community Spirit. Within the Boarding Community, we aligned this with our Wellbeing Pillar 2- Promoting Diversity and Protecting Against Bullying. We believe we have a strong bond as a Boarding Community and that together with the diversity among us we bridge cultures to come together and show our community spirit. To demonstrate this we created a video.

Halloween !!!

Not really a masterpiece but surely our Halloween pumpkin has a strong funny personality, like a fire in her eyes and was done by the labouring hands on Aryan, Amir and Oscar… 🙂

The moon is full and the night is foggy… and there is a howling down in the woods…

Have a spooky Halloween everyone…

Fighting against Bullying and Promoting Diversity

The Pillar 2 of our Wellbeing programme is now being launched.

Its title gives us plenty of points for reflection and a lot of possibilities for the projects we will be completing during the coming weeks.

It goes without saying for all of us, that Bullying is something we do not tolerate as a school, but more importantly, we do not tolerate it as individuals. We do all believe in mutual respect as the minimum link between two people, for as different as they may be.

And together we this, and because unfortunately, this type of situation is still a problem in today’s world, it is important that the weaker sides feel they are supported at all levels.

We believe as well that promoting Diversity is one of the best tools to fight Bullying. The respect and promotion of the richness of Diversity can be a wall protecting us.

One important step to have in mind is the awareness that Diversity is not just about race.


With that in mind, we hope our students find interesting individual projects to complete during the weeks to go. With a little bit of imagination, a lot can be done and shared as to why Diversity is a treasure to be cherished. And us, in a global setting as the one we are in, should be the first ones to put it forward.